Conveys the meaning that the visually handicappedcan return to society as model citizens after overcoming their disability, with light, hope and courage.


  • Initiatives to Support Rehabilitation
  • Initiatives to the Publish the Braille Version of Books and Audio Books
  • Initiatives to Manage the Braille Library
  • Initiatives Initiatives to Support Learning
  • Initiatives to Living Support
  • Initiatives to Support Lifelong Learning
  • Initiatives to Achieve Community Social Welfare
  • Initiatives to Support of Sports and Leisure Activities
  • Initiatives to Provide Information Processing Education

Initiatives to Support Rehabilitation

We provide supports to the visually handicapped with congenital or acquired blindness who have not received rehabilitation trainings for
enjoying a sound daily life, social life, working life, learning activities, and the like, by enabling them to learn various techniques and knowledge
necessary to continue to live independently.

We support them to become authentic members of society through “general trainings”, “trainings for using public transportation”,
“family education”, “visiting guidance at home”, “supports treatments through special trainings (braille, pedestrian)”, in addition to
“braille trainings”, “pedestrian trainings”, “daily life trainings”, “physical trainings” and “social activities”.

In particular, we carry out “campus walking” as customized pedestrian training so that the visually handicapped freshmen at university become
used to the geography of their university campus and also help them enjoy better school lives by enabling them to use the course registration
service, guides for disabled students, allotment of dormitory rooms, scholarships, and the like by connecting them with the support center for the
disabled students of their universities.