Conveys the meaning that the visually handicappedcan return to society as model citizens after overcoming their disability, with light, hope and courage.

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Korea Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped, a Social Welfare Foundation

With the spirit of Christ, the foundation was established with the aim of improving the welfare of the visually handicapped in Korea by enabling
them to embrace a sense of hope and courage, guiding them to a stable way of life and carrying out initiatives related to their welfare.

▶ Affiliated Institutions: Korea Welfare Center for the Visually Handicapped, Sports Center, Godeok Kindergarten
▶ Chairman of the Foundation: Ri Jeon, Baek
▶ Date of Establishment: June 16, 1973
▶ Our Mission: The realization of a welfare society by developing the unlimited potential of the visually handicapped

History of Corporation
July 13, 1973 Established the Korea Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped 35, Bukchangdong, Junggu, Seoul
(First Chairman Mae Ree, Lee, Founder Ri Jeon, Baek)
April, 1974 Started the production and distribution of braille board
September 15, 1975 Published the first Braille News Messenger, a braille version of newspaper published biweekly
1976 Started the production and distribution of white canes and abacuses for the visually handicapped
April 11, 1975 Relocation to the 8th Floor of the Social Welfare Center located in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
January 1980 Published the braille version of Korean-English Dictionary
September 11, 1981 Established and relocated the Korea Community Welfare Center for the Visually Handicapped currently
located in 126, angildong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
September 9, 1982 Obtained Permission for the Welfare Facility for the Mentally Handicapped, a part of the foundation relocated to the
Welfare Center
October 1984 Established the Skills Training Institute for the Visually Handicapped that provides vocational rehabilitation services
including training for piano tuner, telephone operators and factory operatives of the Welfare Factory)
December 1987 Established the Sports Center for the Visually Handicapped, currently the Godeok Social Sports Center
July 1988 Established the Inbo Living Dormitory, a dormitory for the visually handicapped and an accommodation for travelers
April 1998 Changed the name of the foundation to “Korea Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped”
(Chairman Baek Ri-Jeon)